Jamie Beck Creates Her Dream Dress with Luxe Provence

Jamie Beck Luxe Provence Dress

Photographer and influencer, Jamie Beck of Ann Street Studio, premiers her first fashion collaboration today with luxury lifestyle brand Luxe Provence. With the brand, she has created a limited-edition dress called the Marianne: a linen wrap dress that includes a low back and high slit inspired by Beck’s time in the French countryside. The dress is available for pre-order on Luxe Provence’s website for $495 and ships on July 30.

Beck describes the dress as “a backwards wrap dress with button closure font slit and bow tie on a full skirt with extra sweep and double layered paneled ballerina top.” In her Instagram story she said she wanted “something earthy to dream in” that was “also perfectly suitable for cooking in the kitchen… or digging around the garden.” She shared inspirational images that ranged from Kiera Knightly in Pride & Prejudice to Frédéric Bazille’s painting The Pink Dress that hangs in the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

Jamie Beck Luxe Provence Dress

She has teased the launch of the dress for the last several months, sharing visits to the atelier, potential fabric options, and early mock ups of the design. The dress itself reflects much of what Beck is known for on social media: dreamy French country vibes, outdoorsy fabrics and classic silhouettes, and perfectly Instagrammable moments.

Over a year ago, Beck left New York behind to pursue a simpler life and creative adventure in Provence, France. During this time, she has created the Provence Self Portrait Series, a series of photographs inspired by classical art and sculpture reflecting her emotional journey in France. She also shares still life and travel photos, as well as photography and cooking tutorials on her Instagram and blog.

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(Top and bottom photo from Luxe Provence.)

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