Kristina Bazan Premiers New Song and Wipes Instagram Clean

Kristina Bazan, the 24-year-old luxury fashion and beauty blogger behind Kayture, has released a new song, Clockwork, now available on YouTube and all French digital platforms. A “private music video premiere” was held on April 26 in Paris to celebrate the new release multiple sources showed on Instagram. Some also posted sneak peaks of the music video on their Instagram stories – shown below – which according to Bazan’s Instagram will be coming out soon. The international release of the song is May 4.

Her new song and video premier amidst a consistent stepping back from social media for Bazan. Her Instagram account currently has 1 post (the artwork for her new single) and her profile picture is black, although she retains 2.3 million followers. Until the song premiered her bio left the ominous message “midnight, April 26”, presumably in reference to her music video premiere. Her bio has now been updated with information regarding Clockwork.

An introductory snippet posted on longtime friend, Fiona Zanetti’s, instagram stories.

Another snippet of Bazan’s music video posted on Benjamin Belin’s instagram stories.


Screengrabs from @andypicci@aminamuaddi, and @justinwu showing their support for Bazan’s video premier.

Bazan has been ghosting from the blogging scene for quite a while now. With the launch of her music career (her first song Out debuted in May of 2016) she has posted less frequently across social media and on her blog. In July of 2017, she revealed a complete overhaul of Kayture calling the redesign “the Dark Age”. In her post explaining the rebrand, she says that the name comes from “not only…it’s brand new black layout, but also for it’s new age of emancipation.”

In a November 2017 interview with Bazan’s talent agent James Chardon, he says that now “the discussions [he and Kristina] have are way different – they are more about what we are going to do two years from now, and what we should do today to achieve that. There are many projects we are working on that we don’t share now. Artistic projects as well, and new ventures.” It sounds like despite her notable absence from the social media world, there’s still much to come for Bazan.

(Top photo credit to Kristina Bazan, Elisa Parron, Nicholas Keays, and E47 Records.)

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